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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a very unique service with a 100% degree of quality and customer satisfaction, in a discreet and professional manner, while testing the limits of today's technology in a creative way.

Why Hire Us?

When you hire us, that's what you get, is us! Our reputation is our future and we take it very seriously. The idea or concept of hiring a national investigative company may sound like a good idea, but in reality, it does not benefit your company. When hiring a national company, you do not know the agency/person who is working your assignment and usually the national company you "hired", does not either. Many of them actually put people with minimal experience out in the field and "hope for the best". Our professional licensed private investigators in Pittsburgh, PA and Philadelphia, PA have extensive training and the experience to get results. We never put an inexperienced individual (alone) on your case. Our private investigation work isn't a second-career or a weekend job for our staff.

Our Direction

Wm. Keith Scannell & Assoc., Inc. has had extensive growth since itís humble beginnings in 1985. Our private investigators constantly strive to not only meet, but exceed, our clients professional standards and personal satisfaction. That, we believe, has been the key to our growth and will continue to be the force that pushes us to provide the best service in the industry. Whether it's a simple subpoena that needs served or a complex investigation surveillance you can be assured that we will handle it with the same level of importance.

Our Investigators

There are many good Private Investigators out there, but know that when you hire us, that's what you get, is us. Our firm does not relay work or use "affiliate" firms or investigator's to perform your assignment's. Of course we can provide referrals, but we will never compromise your trust in us, to gain a couple of billable hours. All of our people are accountable to the President/Chief Investigator, who is accountable to you the Client. All of our investigators are thoroughly screened prior to employment and must undergo an intense probationary/training period. During the course of this period, our new investigators are sent on surveillance's and/or investigations in a controlled evaluation setting, designed and monitored by senior staff. Once an investigator has passed the practical investigative period, depending on the firm's need and their desire, the investigator receives additional training, both in-house as well as at third party educational programs. Although we employ people with various Law Enforcement backgrounds, the truth is, really effective investigators can exist in a large number of people within any number of backgrounds and/or experience's. Management's job is to refine these skills within our protocol, to effectively serve you. Please be assured that our investigators priorities are consistent with yours. All of our investigators have the experience and knowledge when working on any investigation matter.

Our Results

We achieve results, one case at a time. We of course, gauge results differently depending on the complexity and type of assignment. Establishing this firm in 1985 and having had growth and geographical expansion every year, has proven our results. We work closely with Law Firms, various Corporate Departments, Insurance Companies and Private Individuals daily across the country, to keep proving that we are one of the best private investigation firms in the Mid-Atlantic region. No case is outside of our range of experience or expertise and will be handled professionally and confidentially each and every time.

Our Core Belief's

Quality Service - Honesty - Innovation - Experience - Confidentiality - Dedication





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